Wilderness First Aid Class – October 21st & 28th, 2018 Will Be Open For Registration On July 1, 2018

The October 21st and 28th, 2018 two-day Denver Group Wilderness First Aid course will be open for registration on July 1, 2018.  See below for the WFA School page for more information and the registration links on CMC.org.

This comprehensive and nationally recognized Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course follows a standardized program established by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute, and consists of 10 hours of lecture, 6 hours of practical experience and a written exam. Topics include patient assessment, weather related illness, trauma, splinting, medical emergencies, altitude illness and bites. A comprehensive textbook is included in the fee. A WFA certification valid for two years (changed from the previous three-year period) is issued upon completion of the course. The course is open to all CMC members, regardless of experience. Those with experience are encouraged to use this comprehensive course as a refresher and practice skills we rarely need but are critical to know when we need them. Attendance is required at all classes to complete the course; however, that can happen over a few different sessions. Please note: this WFA course is required to become a Denver Group leader.

For more information on the Denver Group’s Wilderness First Aid School, go to /schools/wilderness-first-aid.











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