Denver Group Website Update – is Changing to on July 2, 2018

Denver Group is getting a re-designed website!  Although it will work the same for members as it does now, behind-the-scenes functionality and security will be much improved.  The redesign also prepares the site for easier roll-up to when that site eventually is replaced.

 Here’s how this change will affect Denver Group Members:

  1. All content on will be migrated to on June 25th.  In addition to a fresh look and a broader array of administrative tools, the new name should be easier for all to remember.
  2. Starting July 2nd or 3rd, all visitors to any page at will be redirected automatically to the same page at
  3. Both and will be locked against updates between June 25th and July 2nd or 3rd.  In other words, there will be a week during which members who regularly update site content (e.g. for schools, sections, etc.) will not be able to do so, so if you are planning an update soon, please take note.
  4. site will remain fully accessible and useable (but not editable) until the cutover during the first week of July.

 If you have questions concerning your site administrative work, please contact Jeff at [email protected].

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