Backpacking Section (BPX) Newsletter Archives

The purpose of BPX is to promote backpacking as a core CMC activity, organize and coordinate backpacking trips, create and support a community of backpackers, and provide early notice of BPX events to members. You can learn more about the BPX by clicking here.

Below are past editions of the BPX Newsletter:

March 2024 BPX Tip of the Month — Apps to Track Your Backpacking Gear

February 2024 BPX Tip of the Month — Backpacking Tips for Rookies

January 2024 BPX Tip of the Month — BPX Changes for 2024 Season

November 2023 BPX Tip of the Month — BPX Committee 2023 Favorite Gear 

October 2023 BPX Tip of the Month — Support Search and Rescue

September 2023 BPX Tip of the Month — Never Too Late to Start Again; Two Backpack Trips – 50 Years apart

August 2023 BPX Tip of the Month — How to Update Your Member Profile on the CMC Website and to Set Alerts and Notifications for upcoming trips and courses

July 2023 BPX Tip of the Month — Apps that scan campsite reservations for cancellations to help users “snag” campsites.

June 2023 BPX Tip of the Month — Tips on Food Storage on the Trail as well as Forest Service Backcountry Food Storage Rules

May 2023 BPX Tip of the Month — Tips for Getting Your Gear out of Hibernation and Ready to Hit the Trail

April 2023 BPX Tip of the Month — Gear reviews of the FlexTail Tiny Pump for inflating sleeping pads and the FlipFuel tool to easily transfer fuel from one isobutane canister to another

March 2023  BPX Tip of the Month — How to find BPX Trips on the new CMC Website

February 2023  BPX Tip of the Month — Impact on elevation on the difficulty of a backpacking trip–it’s not just the distance.

January 2023 includes Tip for Wearing Trail Runners instead of Boots for Backpacking

November 2022 includes Tips for Keeping Your Phone Alive in Cold Weather

October 2022  includes Tips for Getting Your Summer Gear Ready for Hibernation

September 2022 includes Comparison of Pack Liner Versus Pack Cover

August 2022 includes Tips on Using a Pee Bottle in Your Tent for Both Guys and Gals

July 2022 includes Tips for Getting Ready for Early Morning Departures on Backpacking Trips

June 2022 includes Q&A on WAG Bags

May 2022 includes info on Wildfire Risk Management and Q&A on Lightweight and Ultralight Backpacking

April 2022 includes Q&A on BPX Car Camping Trips

March 2022 includes Q&A about First Aid Kit Items for Trip Leaders

February 2022 includes Q&A about First Aid Kit Items

January 2022 includes The Compass article on preventing Roster Churn

November 2021 includes Trip Leader Summary and St. Nick On the Trail fun poem

October 2021 includes 2021 Season Recap by BPX Chair, Uwe Sartori

September 2021 includes Q&A about Rain Gear Options

August 2021 includes Q&A about Filtering Water

July 2021 includes Backpacking Opportunity with CMC Director, Keegan Young

June 2021 includes Q&A about Renting Backpacking Gear

May 2021 includes QA about Backpacking Checklists

May 2021 Special issue on Covid-19 and USFA

April 2021  includes QA about Getting into Shape

March 2021 includes Q&A on Membership Renewal Benefits

February 2021 includes Q&A on Sleeping Bag Attire

January 2021 includes Q&A on Food Fuel for Warmth

December 2020 includes Q&A on Sleeping Pads & the “P” factor

November 2020 includes Q&A on Sleeping Bag Ratings

October 2020 – Special Issue to Leaders

October 2020 includes Q&A on Storing Gear for the Season

September 2020 includes Q&A on “R” Values

August 2020 includes Q&A on the Value of Trekking Poles

July 2020 includes Q&A on Condensation inside My Tent

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May 8, 2020 – Special Issue on COVID-19

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