CMC Backpacking Section (BPX)


(Updated 01-02-2021)

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***Special Notice*** BPX is Recruiting, Training and Mentoring Backpacking Trip Leaders.  Check out this article,
“Why I Lead BPX Trips”, by John Walters.  If you may be interested in leading backpacking trips, contact BPX here

***Special Notice*** BPX Dues Begin in 2021  Dues for new members begin on Jan 4, 2021. Dues for existing members begin on your next personal CMC membership renewal dates. For more information, call CMC Membership Services at 303-279-3080.


BPX Statement of Purpose
The purpose of BPX is to promote backpacking as a core CMC activity, organize and coordinate backpacking trips, create and support a community of backpackers, and provide early notice of PBX events to members.

Major 2021 BPX Activities:

  • Feb 17 – Leaders begin claiming 80+ pre-planned backpacking trips
  • Mar 31 – BPX members-only receive preview of 80+ BPX Trips
  • Apr 14 – BPX members-first begin registering for 80+ BPX Trips
  • May 1 to Oct 30 – Main BPX Backpacking Season
  • May 7-8 – Gear Check, Chatfield State Park
  • May 21-22 – Gear Check, Chatfield State Park
  • Jun 4-5 – Gear Check (location TBD)
  • Jun 18-19 – Gear Check (location TBD)
  • Oct 9 – Annual Member Event at Staunton State Park Pavilion

Pack Leaders:



  • Backpacking Trip Classification is assigned for the entire trip based on the most difficult day of the trip:
    • Easy Backpack: <5 miles/1000′ (Easy Hike is <8 miles/1200′)
    • Mod Backpack: 5-10 miles/1000′-2000′ (Mod Hike is 8-12 miles/1200′-2500′)
    • Diff Backpack: > 10 miles/2000′ (Diff Hike is >12 miles/2500’+)
  • BPX Policies and Procedures (P&P) e-Manual
    • BPX explains nearly every operating practice here. Scroll down the P&P Table of Contents to a topic, click on the topic, and a paper opens to give the rationale behind the practice
  • BPX Newsletter
    • Backcountry Cache, distributed electronically monthly. Here
  • CMC Backpacking School (BKPS)
    • BPX supports BKPS, which teaches the skills needed to safely and comfortably backpack in the Colorado Mountains. Here
  • Covid Protocol

Operations Committee:     

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