Denver Member Initiatives Committee (DMIC)


To solicit, encourage, recruit, facilitate, and support Denver Group members’ engagement with the CMC, and to be a clearinghouse for ideas or initiatives members may seek to develop for the benefit of the Club and/or its members. In other words, our projects are initiated by members, other Committees, Council, and staff.  Sometimes, the idea is a way to improve an already existing project.  If you have an idea for DMIC, please contact [email protected].

Initiative Status Contact
Ascending Hikes

Program geared towards new members and individuals seeking to increase their fitness and hiking difficulty with the goal of reaching the summit of a Colorado 14er


2018 Ascending Hikes series is now complete. Jeff Stevens ([email protected]), Craig Beaker ([email protected])
Beginner Snowshoes Clinics

Clinics designed to teach beginners how to snowshoe

2018 Snowshoes Clinics are complete. DMIC is preparing for 2019 clinics. Robbie Monsma

([email protected])

Modular Wilderness Trekking School (WTS)

WTS in modular segments for those that cannot devote six consecutive weeks


New school committee being formed. Linda Lawson
Track File Manager

A service to store GPS track files for use within the Club


DMIC collecting GPS track files. Jeff Stevens

([email protected])

Themed Hike Series

A set of hikes offered throughout the year that showcase and explore a particular aspect of Colorado’s history and natural splendor (e.g. geology, wildflowers)


Several themes are currently under development and will be offered in 2019.

Mike Tischer

([email protected])

Quick Start School

Short programs covering a variety of topics (e.g., Front Range hiking, long distance backpacking, pack fitting, map and compass review)


Programs are under development and will be offered in 2019. Evan Sneath ([email protected])


Committee Membership

The DMIC has a Chair and five voting members, at least one of which must be a current or past trip leader (within the last three years), and at least one of which must be a current or past Denver Group Schools instructor (within the last three years).  If you are interested in serving on DMIC, even for just one particular project, write us at [email protected].

Current DMIC Members: 

Robbie Monsma: A retired attorney-mediator, Robbie is Co-Chair of the CMC Denver Group Council for 2018-2020.  A BMS grad, she is a trip leader and a board director for the Bobcats Section.  Robbie has worked on new member issues for the past three years.  Robbie’s DMIC Initiatives include: New Member Hikes, Beginner Snowshoe, Modular Wilderness Trekking School, and Quick Start School.

Evan Sneath: Evan is the chair of the CMC Denver Member Initiatives Committee, a sitting member of the CMC Denver Group Council, and a graduate of both BMS and HAMS. He plans to begin leading trips in the near future and act as an assistant instructor of HAMS for the 2019 school year.  Evan spearheads the Quick Start School and acts as the Committee Liaison to the CMC Denver Group Council.

Jeff Stevens: Jeff has been a member of the CMC since 2015, and a trip leader since 2017.  His DMIC Initiatives include: Track File Manager, Ascending Hikes, DMIC survey, and the Quick Start School.

Craig Beaker: Craig is a trademark attorney who has been a member of the club since 2017.  He graduated from HAMS in 2018.  Craig’s DMIC Initiatives include: Ascending Hikes and the Quick Start School.

Michael Tischer: Mike is a geologist who has been a member of the club since 2012. He currently is a senior instructor for the Wilderness Trekking School and leads hikes for the club along the Front Range and beyond.  Mike’s DMC Initiatives include: Themed Hike Series and the Quick Start School.

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