Call for Volunteers: New Denver Group Member Support Teams Forming

Remember how overwhelming CMC seemed when you first joined? How do I use the calendar? What is a B hike? How do I cancel a trip? What is the difference between WTS and BMS? You probably figured it all out with the help of other members.

Your Denver Council’s primary project this year is to “enhance the first year member experience.” This will become a permanent and on-going Council endeavor. We are offering three areas of volunteer involvement in support of this effort. We especially are seeking members with fewer than two years’ membership in the club (because the need is fresh in your mind) but all are welcome to apply.

Our goal is to recruit enough volunteers to spread the work over many hands. Each small team will have a dedicated Council Member Liaison to advise and assist the effort.
Since these volunteer positions are new, and some of these programs are just starting up, this is a great opportunity to help influence an important new CMC program area and to help create a volunteer position that suits you.

For questions or to express interest, write Council Members Robbie Monsma at or Kathy Kurtz at Please apply to volunteer by clicking here.

These are the small teams forming:

New and Prospective Member Orientation – These team members set up and present regularly scheduled once-a-month evening sessions for 40 + Denver Group new members. A short video and a PowerPoint presentation provide an overview of Club activities and opportunities. Guest speakers from Schools and Group activity sections also participate. Skills needed across the team: Comfortable presenting to a group as part of a team; enjoy helping people; timeliness and organization; assist in keeping presentation materials up-to-date, and willingness to keep current on Club matters.

First Year Member Newsletter – These team members educate new Denver Group members through periodic email communication, with the goal of broadening new member interest and lessening perceived new member barriers. Over time the team will develop a newsletter inventory, then keep that inventory and the publication schedule up-to-date. Skills needed (across the team): Strong writing, desktop publishing, willingness to keep up to date on Club matters of interest to first year members, database tracking of member cohorts and communications sent.

New Member Contact – This team contacts new members by phone and/or personal email in their first year per a set frequency. Calls made mostly on Monday through Thursday evenings from the CMC offices. Responsibilities include pool team statistics re new members called: activity participation rates, challenges and successes, track first year members renewing or not renewing, reasons for leaving/staying. Keep track of individual member responses, as a basis for later calls, for designating which members might need a follow-up, and for suggesting topics and refinements to New Member Orientation and New Member Newsletter teams.