Denver Group Contacts

Contact information: Send all correspondence to:

Cyndi Lehr and Kirsten Tollefsen Elected as Officers Nov 2020 – Terms expire Nov 2022)

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Treasurer: Wilma Shepherd (Elected Nov 2019 – Term expires Nov 2022)

Acting Secretary: Matthew Bartling Until Nov. 1, 2022 – Member At Large (Appointed by Council May 2022 – Term expires Nov 2023


Zach Eiten (Elected Nov 2019 – Term expires Nov 2022)

Jim Guerra Member at Large (Elected Nov 2021 – Term expires Nov 2024)

Sandy Heise Member at Large (Elected Nov 2020 – Term expires Nov 2023)

Scott Kramer Member at Large (Appointed by Council May 2022 – Term expires Nov 2023)

Malcom Pascotti Member at Large (Elected Nov 2021 – Term expires Nov 2024)

Denver Group Council meets every second TUESDAY at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom or in person at designated locations. Any Denver Group member is welcome to attend and observe. If you wish to make a presentation, Council’s policy says this:

Member Comment Period.  The first five minutes of each Council meeting shall be reserved for comments from the membership, either in person or in writing.  An Open Comment Period invitation shall be publicized to DG members.  This policy does not apply to scheduled presentations, which shall be subject to the guest presenter guidelines, below.

Guest Presenter Guidelines for Denver Council Meetings 

  1. Request time on the agenda from Chair or Co-Chair at least one week before Council meeting (emergencies excepted).
  2. If handouts will be used, provide digital copy of hand-out by the Monday before the Wednesday meeting.
  3. Provide estimate of time needed.
  4. If you are requesting funding, provide brief description of purpose, need, requested amount, and source of funds.