Denver Group Contacts

Contact information for Denver Group Council members, approved by individual members for publication on, November 2018.

Robbie Monsma [email protected] and
Kathy Kurtz [email protected]
(Elected as Officers Nov. 2018; Terms expire Nov. 2020)

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Treasurer: Wilma Shepherd (Appointed as Officer June 2017; Term expires Nov. 2019), [email protected]

Secretary: Sue Holden, and Web Presence/Document Control (Appointed as Officer Sept. 2019, Term expires Nov. 2019)  [email protected]


Jeff Golden, Editor, Mile High Mountaineer (Elected in 2018 – Term expires Nov. 2021)
[email protected]

Cyndi Lehr, Quick Start School Coordinator (Appointed 2019 – Term expires Nov. 2019)
[email protected]

Carol Munch, Denver Group Annual Dinner (Elected Nov 2017 – Term expires Nov. 2020)
[email protected]

Roger J. Wendell, Liaison to State Conservation Committee (Elected Nov. 2018 – Term expires Nov. 2021)
[email protected]

Martha Delporte, (Appointed 2019 – Term expires Nov. 2020)
[email protected]