Mileage Reimbursement

Mileage Reimbursement – New 2/27/2023

The Denver Group allows carpool drivers to charge each passenger a mileage rate to defray expenses. It is suggested carpool trips follow the Denver Group guidelines in reimbursing the driver for car expenses.  The recommendation as of February 2023 is to use the mileage reimbursement rate from the following table, based on the price of gasoline at the time of the trip:

Gasoline Price Mileage Reimbursement
$/gallon cents/mile
$2.00 – $2.50/gal 30
$2.50 – $3.00/gal 32
$3.00 – $3.50/gal 34
$3.50 – $4.00/gal 36
$4.00 – $4.50/gal 38
$4.50 – $5.00/gal 40
$5.00 – $5.50/gal 42
$5.50 – $6.00/gal 44

Here is an example:  the price of gasoline is $4.25/gallon, the round-trip driving distance from the carpool meeting place to the trailhead and back is 95 miles, and there are 4 people in the car.  With the gasoline price at $4.25/gallon, using the above table, the recommended mileage reimbursement rate is 38 cents per mile.  In this case, the carpool share cost per car would be $36 (95 miles x 38 cents/mile = $36).  Since there are 4 people in the car, the carpool share cost is $9 per person ($36 per car divided by 4 people), so the 3 passengers in the car would each pay the driver $9.

This is a guideline not a policy, meaning that this is a recommended, but not required, method of sharing costs.   Some vehicles are more costly to operate and some vehicles are less costly to drive, so drivers are free to charge what they deem a fair rate.

The Denver Group recognizes that this recommendation may differ from that of other CMC Groups.