How to Change Your Hiker or Skier Classification

Classification change forms are available using this link.  When you successfully complete a trip from any CMC group of a classification at or higher than the level you seek, ask the leader to fill out the form for you. For classification purposes, a higher-level activity can substitute for a lower level activity. For example, any C hike can substitute for a Difficult B hike. Hikers and skiers do not need to progress through each level. The non-rated member must obtain the leader’s permission to participate on a trip that matches his or her skill level. The leader will sign a classification form if the member has demonstrated an adequate skill level for the trip.

“Successful completion” of a trip means satisfying the distance, elevation, and skill levels of a trip, plus favorable comments from the trip leader on your ability, stamina, and preparedness. The member needs leaders’ signatures on the form to apply for a classification or to change a classification.

Some classifications also require graduation from Denver Group schools. If you feel you already have training equivalent to such schools, please see How to bypass a required school. You can bypass a school, but not the trip requirements.

When you have satisfied the requirements to change your classification, submit the fully completed form to cmcdenverclassification@gmailcom for evaluation by the Denver Group Classification Committee. Only the Classification Committee can grant classification changes. Any CMC group’s scheduled trip may be used for classification purposes, but non-CMC trips and letters to the Classification Committee will not be considered.

Download a Classification Change Form

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