How to Change Your Hiker or Skier Classification

Classification change forms are available from the CMC office and are also carried by trip leaders. When you successfully complete a trip from any CMC group of a classification at or higher than the level you seek, ask the leader to fill out the form for you. For classification purposes, a higher-level activity can substitute for a lower level activity. For example, any C hike can substitute for a Difficult B hike. Hikers and skiers do not need to progress through each level. The non-rated member must obtain the leader’s permission to participate on a trip that matches his or her skill level. The leader will sign a classification form if the member has demonstrated an adequate skill level for the trip.

“Successful completion” of a trip means satisfying the distance, elevation, and skill levels of a trip, plus favorable comments from the trip leader on your ability, stamina, and preparedness. The member needs leaders’ signatures on the form to apply for a classification or to change a classification.

Some classifications also require graduation from Denver Group schools. If you feel you already have training equivalent to such schools, please see How to bypass a required school. You can bypass a school, but not the trip requirements.

When you have satisfied the requirements to change your classification, submit the fully completed form to the CMC Office for evaluation by the Denver Group Classification Committee. Only the Classification Committee can grant classification changes. Any CMC group’s scheduled trip may be used for classification purposes, but non-CMC trips and letters to the Classification Committee will not be considered.

Download a Classification Change Form

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