Alpine Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling is defined as unroped climbing over mountainous terrain.  The CMC Denver Group’s Alpine Scrambling Course (DEN ASC) consists of self-study material via google classroom, 2 online weekday evening lectures, 3 progressive field days. 

Questions/Curious or Interested in Volunteering:

Tuition:  TBD

Course Prerequisites:

  1. Completion of the CMC class Wilderness Trekking School (WTS) or equivalent
  2. Denver C Hiker Classification or recent equivalent hiking distances/elevation gain (12-15 miles, 2500-3500 feet gain)

Gear Required: Helmet, Ice Ax, 2 locking carabiners, 2 circular runners

Note: Enrollment is by application.  Once an application is approved for the course, you will receive a code to enroll. You must enroll/pay tuition at the course on the CMC website. Note this is a twostep process.

This course if for CMC members only.  Membership must be current through end date of course (August) to register for this course.

Process/Important Dates: 


  • March 1, 2023 Application Process begins (Note: Class has filled quickly by mid-March in the past)


  • Waitlisted students informed of status
  • Student Welcome Letter sent via email
  • Look for DEN ASC only Bonus Fitness Hikes on CMC calendar


  • Google Classroom self-study materials opens
  • Two Online Student Lectures (weeknights via Zoom)
  • One in person Meet Up (weeknight)
  • Look for DEN ASC only Bonus Fitness Hikes on CMC calendar
  • Students register for the 3 progressive field days after completing Google Classroom self-study materials


  • Field days are progressive and held end of May through June and early July … check CMC calendar
    1. Field Day 1: Student Skills Field Day
    2. Field Day 2: Student Scramble #1
    3. Field Day 3: Student Scramble #2