The dates for the 2018 CMC Denver Group Backpacking School are as follows:


Class 1 – Thursday, June 7

Class 2 – Wednesday, June 20

Class 3 – Wednesday, July 11

Class 4 – Wednesday, July 25

(All classes begin promptly at 6:30 PM and end by 9:30 PM or earlier.)


Field Day – Saturday, June 16

Trip 1 – Overnight – June 23–24

Trip 2 – Overnight  – July 14–15

Trip 3 – 3-day / 2-nights – Dates to be determined by each group

Dates for Trip 2 and Trip 3 are ‘target’ dates.  Groups may adjust the dates of these trips as best fits their schedule, however all trips must be completed before September 30.  Groups may also schedule additional trips as time and interest allows. Students must participate in sufficient trips in order to demonstrate knowledge and skills required for safe backcountry backpacking. Sufficient participation in previous classes and appropriate preparation is a prerequisite for all trips.


Fees and Registration
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