1st Rock Day

Promise I won't drop you!

The First Rock Day covers introductory rock climbing skills including basic rope management, belaying, climbing fundamentals, and knots. You will also get to practice tying off a fallen climber (while safely on the ground).

Belaying is one of the fundamental techniques of rock climbing.  It is a system of using the rope to hold a climber in the event of a fall.  There are many different techniques for belaying. You will practice with belay devices such as a Figure 8, ATC, or tuber.  Sometimes the belay conditions will be less than ideal, but don’t let go of the rope!

Another exercise practiced on First Rock Day is escaping the belay.  During this exercise, the belayer will catch a hard fall (a realistic but safe simulation), communicate with the fallen climber if possible, and then tie off the climber and get out of belay system to get help.

Aren't we clever?

A wide variety of equipment is used in rock climbing.  You will start to become familiar with rope handing and care during this outing. You will also start to use your slings, carabiners, and prusik cord.  Look at the fun things you can do with all that new gear!

If time allows, the instructor will set up top ropes on short climbs so that you may practice the belaying, climbing, and rope-handling skills learned during the day.  This will give the you an opportunity to start using your belay device to practice for the Third Rock Day.

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