2nd Rock Day

Coming Down!Second Rock Day covers the techniques of rappelling and prusiking, as well as procedures for solving typical rappel problems. Many serious climbing can accidents happen “en rappel.” Each student will learn the procedures to set up and execute a swift, safe rappel and how to deal safely with any difficulties that may occur.

Rappelling is one of the fundamental techniques of rock climbing.  It is the system of using the rope, an anchor, and a friction device to allow a climber to descend almost any climbing pitch.  There are several techniques for rappelling.  Rappelling can be easy and fun, so it’s important to remember that it is a serious undertaking.

Another exercise practiced on Second Rock Day is using a system of prusiks to climb the rope.  When rock climbing Going Up!you may have a situation where you do not have the ability to climb a section of rock.  If the rope is properly anchored from above, you can always climb the rope!  Skills learned during this exercise will be used during the days most exciting activity…Pass the Knot!

The Pass the Knot exercise will pull together all of the skills learned during the Second Rock Day field trip. You will need to rappel, use your prusiks to climb the rope, and take apart and rebuild your rappel set up all while hanging a few feet off the ground (and while safely on belay, of course).

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