3rd Rock Day

The Third Rock Day field trip gives students a chance to practice and apply the skills learned in the first two Rock Days to an actual rock climb involving at least three pitches. This is an opportunity to put all of your new rock skills together.  This is the only field trip that may be postponed due to inclement weather!

Third Rock Day will start out looking something like this.  You will be at the bottom of the rock, belaying an instructor above you who is leading. Leading rock is not taught in BMS, so you will never lead.  The leader will stop, create an anchor, and begin to belay you up.  After the leader belays you up to his position, your perspective will change dramatically.

This may be your view when you are out on the rock but don’t worry, you will be anchored in or on belay at all times.

After you make it up a few pitches to the summit, you will prepare for the last challenge of the day, the rappel.

Some of the rappels on Third Rock Day can be quite long and may be overhanging.  Once again, you will be on belay from above during this part of the climb.  Safety is always a primary concern.

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