BMS 2014 Schedule

BMS will consist of five Monday evening lectures and six weekend field trips.   All lectures and field trips are mandatory to graduate! Makeup classes generally are not available.  All six of the weekend field trips will be one full day (Saturday or Sunday). The routefinding trip must be a Moderate C minimum and be scheduled and supervised by a BMS-qualified trip leader. The High Peak Climb must be a overnight D trip and scheduled and supervised by a by a BMS-qualified trip leader. There are also up to three practice sessions in the evening and some trip planning sessions, so keep your calendar open. The dates below are fairly firm but are subject to minor change.

All lectures will begin promptly at 6:30 pm in the American Mountaineering Center Conference Rooms in Golden.

Required Reading
March 10 1st Lecture** QUIZ #1
Introduction to BMS
LNT Principles
Formation of groups
1. First Steps
2. Clothing and Equipment
4. Physical Conditioning
7. Leave No Trace
March 17 2nd Lecture** QUIZ #2
Knot Session with Instructors**
3. Food (p 66-72)
5. Navigation
6. Wilderness Travel
9. Basic Safety System
March 22/23 Navigation Field Trip Navigation practice and Routefinding
March 31 3rd Lecture** QUIZ #3
Rock Climbing
Knot Test**
10. Belaying
11. Rappelling
12. Alpine Rock Climbing Technique
14. Seconding (p 271 box)
April 5/6 First Rock Day** Belaying
Escaping (Tying-off) the Belay
Bouldering/Climbing Skills
April 7 4th Lecture QUIZ #4
Mountain Weather
Basic Snow
27. Mountain Weather
16. Snow Travel & Climbing
22. Safety
26. Cycle of Snow
April 12/13 Soft Snow Practice** Ice Axe Practice
Snow Anchors, Belaying
April 14 5th Lecture Final Exam
High Peak ClimbingHAMS intro
Hard Snow
3. Camping (p 41-65)
8. Stewardship/Access
21. Leadership
18. Alpine Ice Climbing
April 26/27 2nd Rock Day** Rappelling
Passing a Knot in the Rappel Rope
May 3/4 Hard Snow Day Crampons, Roped Team Travel
May 10/11 3rd Rock Day Multi-Pitch Climb
May TBD Rain Day If Required
Before July 1 Qualifying Route Finding Trip *** “C” Hike
Before Sept 30 Qualifying High Peak Climb*** Overnight “D” Hike

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