High Peak Climb

Lone Eagle

After completing a qualifying Routefinding CMC trip, students will need to plan and execute a High Peak outing, again,to demonstrate that they understand the principles and skills taught in BMS and put them all together. Of course, qualified trip leaders will be there too, but the graduates will lead the way. The High Peak Climb is an overnight backpack trip and participation in this trip is needed for the BMS graduate to obtain the certification.  This trip will involve rock climbing, snow travel, navigation, and route finding.  These trips are usually scheduled throughout the summer.

Lone Eagle Peak is one of the mountains that could be chosen for a High Peak climb.  Lone Eagle is located in the Indian Peaks Wilderness south of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Coxcomb, Teakettle, Ice Mountain, or any number of other challenging Colorado summits may also be available.

By the time you make it to the High Peak climb, you have been on seven field trips with other BMS students.  Heck, you may have started to look alike! Maybe you’ve even formed your own posse, or are those your instructors?

The High Peak climb is the only overnight backpack outing.  You will need to plan all aspects of the trip including the proper equipment to bring for camping as well as rock climbing, who will be carrying it, the route to the summit, and turn-around times to avoid bad weather and darkness.

This may also be your last chance to hang out with those impressive instructors. Remember, they have volunteered their time to help you further your mountaineering skills.  You could volunteer to join them next year!

And after all of that hard work…


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