Welcome to the Denver Group’s adult outdoor education program, one of the gems of the CMC. We offer over 30 courses covering the gamut of wilderness activities.

  • We offer targeted courses, which are shorter (as short as one evening) and are focused on a specific skill or narrow set of skills.
  • We offer comprehensive courses, which are longer (up to several months) and cover a wide range of related subjects to help you develop competence and comfort in a major wilderness or mountaineering discipline.

The courses are organized into five activity-specific PROGRAMS: Hiking and Camping, Mountaineering and Climbing, Skiing, Safety, Photography and Fly Fishing. Each program offers courses for people who are new to the activity as well as a progression of courses for people interested in more advanced skills and experiences.

Most courses emphasize learning by doing. The skills you will learn, the experiences you will enjoy, the confidence you will build and the people you will meet will open doors to great adventures as you join in on CMC trips or strike out on your own.

To learn more about the programs and courses, return to the main SCHOOLS page.  Using the table:

  • click on one of the PROGRAMS for an overview of that program and highlights of its schools
  • click on one of the SCHOOLS to go directly to that school’s web page
  • scroll down to see all of the programs and highlights of the schools

Here are links to two documents, useful to new members, which provide a graphical overview of the Denver Group schools.

  • [Click here] for an at-a-glance overview of the programs and courses
  • [Click here] for a calendar that shows when each course is conducted to help you plan your use of the courses. Visit the courses’ web-pages for specific dates.

You can also find these documents in the Policies, Planning Guides and Documents section of the schools web-pages.