Fly Tying School

This is an entry level class.   There is great satisfaction from catching a fish on a fly that you tied! Come join us for this class and learn how! This is an entry level class that will cover thread and tool handling and basic techniques as we tie about 8 popular, versatile patterns for trout. The skills taught are applicable to many different patterns for trout and other species. Requirements are patience and good humor. A pair of 1.75-2X reading glasses can be extremely helpful. Tuition covers everything else you need. Fly tying can ultimately save you money and there is a special satisfaction in fooling a fish on a fly you tied!

You will get the most out of this class if you practice between classes—please set aside some time to do this.  Class size is a minimum of 4 and maximum of 10.

2016 Schedule:

If you are interested is learning how to tie flies in 2016 contact Jonathan Walter.  Contact information below.



More Information:

For questions about the Fly Tying School contact Jonathan Walter at 303-456-6279 before 9 PM or e-mail him at

For more information about all aspects of Fly Fishing, visit the Section Fly Fishing web site at 


Cost covers all materials, tools, and vise.  If you have this equipment contact Jonathan Walter for a reduced price.

Online Sign-up for Fly Tying School

Contact Jonathan Walter if you are interested in this School for 2016

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