Knot Tying School (KTS)


The Denver Group of the CMC a two night class on tying knots (Nov 6 and 13, 2018). This is an opportunity for students who wish to continue their climbing education to prepare for advanced classes like BMS, HAMS, and the various rock climbing schools offered by the Tech Section.  The school is also open to future climbers, backpackers, and hikers who want to improve their skills and application of knots.

Instructors from many schools will be on hand to assist students while they learn knots appropriate to many facets of climbing and backpacking. Once students have mastered a set of basic knots common to all schools, they can concentrate on intermediate and advanced knots. This is also a great time for climbers to refresh skills that have become a bit rusty over the years. All CMC members are welcome.

Topics include:

  • Ropes, a brief history of climbing ropes, including a look at the core of a modern climbing rope
  • Proper coiling techniques and rope care
  • Uses for knots, including why we tie the ones we do in a given situation
  • Webbing, and how to tie knots with webbing
  • Basic knots common to climbing and backpacking situations
  • Intermediate knots, specific to BMS, HAMS, and Tech Section Rock Climbing Schools

Students will first master several basic knots, and then have the opportunity to learn various knots of their choosing with instructors who specialize in those knots. Students who complete the class will receive a certificate upon graduation.

All students receive the following:

  • New 1” webbing, 6 ft. length
  • New 5mm cord for prussik
  • Recycled 11mm climbing rope, 8 ft. length
  • The Outdoor Knots Book (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics) by Clyde Soles
  • Certificate of completion

Click here to register for the November 6 and 13 Knot Tying Class.

School Director: Sarah Thompson, [email protected]