Technical Ice Climbing School


The course strictly focuses on climbing technical ice: technique, gear, movement on ice, efficiency, safety, and ice protection. Most students are pursuing lead-climbing on ice. This is usually an integral part of the course, but it is not mandatory.

The objectives of the course generally vary by student because each student identifies their own objectives and the instructors tailor the course to these objectives. Typical objectives include: improved technique, increased efficiency, placing good ice screws, leading on ice, and multi-pitch ice ascents and descents.

Skills acquired from the Technical Ice Climbing School help develop safe and competent ice climbers and leaders, and increase safety and technical competence on CMC semi-technical and technical mountaineering trips as well as on mountain expeditions.


(1) graduation from TLCS (or equivalent), and
(2) comfortably leading 5.7 trad.
(3) Students are expected to use or rent their own equipment.

If you don’t have these prerequisites, or if you’re not interested in leading on ice, you might consider the Basic Ice Climbing Seminar (BICS)

Please note: TICS does not cover crevasse rescue, winter survival training, construction of snow shelters, or evacuation procedures for injured climbers. Many of these skills are taught in High Altitude Mountaineering School or HAMS

TICS also does not cover avalanche awareness or avalanche safety. These topics are covered in the Avalanche School

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