TICS Application


To apply for the Technical Ice Climbing Seminar, email Todd Felix, TICS Director, at: tics@cmcschools.org

Please include the following in your email:

  1. a brief climbing history or climbing resume, including how long you’ve been climbing, leading experience on sport and trad, and any ice experience. [Experience leading 5.7 trad is a pre-requisite for TICS].
  2. Year you graduated from Trad Lead Climbing School (TLCS), or equivalent. [Graduation from TLCS, or equivalent, is a pre-requisite; if you did not graduate from TLCS, please include information about any equivalent training and/or a more complete climbing resume showing trad leading experience].
  3. Names and contact information (telephone and email) for 2 climbing references who can vouch for your experience and safety as a climber and leader–preferably references within the CMC Denver Tech Section, or otherwise known by the TICS Director. [For the safety of students and instructors, and because we will focus on ice climbing, we need to ensure that all students are safe and competent climbers, proficient with knots, communication, belaying, rappeling, etc–we will NOT be teaching or reviewing these skills].

If you are already an experienced and competent ice climber, and would like to volunteer as an instructor, or assistant instructor, please contact Todd Felix, TICS Director, at:  tics@cmcschools.org

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