Trail Crew Leader School

If you’ve been working on trail crews for a couple of seasons, how about becoming a Trail Crew Leader? Leaders are needed from the Denver Group for local and state projects including trail construction, mapping, wildfire restoration and hut caretaking. This two-day training will introduce the fundamentals of successful volunteer crew management for the construction and maintenance of sustainable trails. Through classroom sessions, field exercises and role-playing you’ll learn and practice construction and maintenance of sustainable trails, leadership strategies and techniques, tool use, and safety. All trainees will receive a Crew Leader manual , a set of quick reference cards, and other materials that make for a successful crew leadership experience. All training topics are directly applicable to any non-profit or agency trail maintenance or construction project!

**This program is offered in conjunction with the Volunteer Outdoors Colorado Institute (OSI).**

2011 Schedule

April 16, 8:00am to 4:00pm @ the CMC

April 17, 8:00am to 4:00pm @ the CMC


This workshop is best for individuals who have had experience working on trail projects or previous crew leadership experiences.


Enrollment Fee: $60

2 Step Enrollment Process:

Online Sign-up through Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado


Please e-mail and let them know you have registered.


Lisa Cashel