Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

NOTE: The next two-day WFA course is scheduled for October 21 and 28, 2018.  The next Wilderness First Aid Recertification/Refresher is on November 17, 2018.  Both are open for registration. 

Leaders and senior school instructors are strongly advised to apply for SALT, as described below.  A certain number of class slots are saved for approved SALT leaders and senior instructors.

This comprehensive and nationally recognized Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course follows a standardized program established by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI), and consists of 10 hours of lecture, 6 hours of practical experience and a written exam. Topics include patient assessment, weather related illness, trauma, splinting, medical emergencies, altitude illness and bites. A comprehensive textbook is included in the fee. A two-year ECSI WFA certification is issued upon completion. The course is open to everyone, regardless of experience. Those with experience are encouraged to use this comprehensive course as a refresher and practice skills we rarely need but are critical to know when we need them. Attendance is required at all classes to complete the course; however, that can happen over a few different sessions.

Please note: this WFA course is required to become a Denver Group leader.  Also note that the CMC State Office is also offering the ECSI WFA course using the same curriculum, however this Denver Group WFA course is administered completely separately from the CMC State course.

Please contact WFA School Director Jeff Flax at [email protected], or CMC Membership Services at 303-279-3080, ext.2 for additional information.

There are four WFA sessions scheduled for 2018:

Session 1: Sunday, March 18 and Sunday, March 25, 2018 – COMPLETED

Session 2: Sunday, April 29, 2018 – One-Day Re-Certification Only -COMPLETED (formerly refresher)


For NON-SALT Students- Click here to register for the October 21st and 28th WFA course.

For SALT Students – Click here to register for the October 21st and 28th WFA course AFTER SALT approval is received.

Session 4: Saturday, November 17, 2018 – One-Day Re-Certification Only (formerly refresher). See the prerequisites below.

Click here to register for the November 17, 2018 WFA course SALT students must wait until approval is received.

The WFA Re-Certification is one-day class. (The re-certification course is limited to students who have completed the ECSInstitutes Wilderness First Aid course (Wilderness First Aid: Emergency Care in Remote Locations) within the last 2 years, and study the text on their own prior to the class in order to be able to pass the exam with a score of 80%. The entire day must be attended to complete the course, or made up when the next class is offered.)  NOTE:  Beginning in 2018 the re-certification (formerly refresher) will be limited to students who have taken the ECSI two-day or re-certification (formerly refresher) within the past two years.

There is a separate registration for Denver Group leaders, prospective leaders, and senior school instructors who have been approved to have their tuition covered by the SALT program.  Approved SALT students will be given a special code and password to register for this course. (Tuition reimbursement is not available). SALT students should not register for the non-SALT sign-up link.  Note that SALT members who pay for this class prior to approval are not eligible for reimbursement. See below for more information about the SALT program and application.

The cost of the October and November classes will be announced when the course registration becomes available  (This course is limited to CMC members only).

Please note: If you are a Denver Group trip leader, working toward becoming a trip leader, or a senior instructor in a Denver Group school, you may be eligible for free tuition for this course under the Support Aid for Leader Training (SALT) program. Please note, for free tuition, you must register for this school through the SALT link, not this school’s site. Click here for more information and to access the SALT application form.

There are optional CPR/AED (Automated external defibrillator) courses every 4-6 weeks.  The next class is on December 5, 2018.   A separate registration fee is required for this nationally certified CPR/AED course.  The certification for this course is for two-years.  Click here for more information and registration links for the CPR/AED course.


Click here for the Emergency First Aid Checklist and Report Form