Wanted: Instructors for WTS

Please submit application by Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 for Seniors and by August 3rd, 2021 for others.

Coronavirus note:  This session will be mostly taught as we have traditionally. 

Wilderness Trekking School (WTS) is now looking for instructors to teach in our next session. This is not only a wonderful opportunity to give back to the club; it is also a chance to contribute to the quality, safety, and overall hiking competency of our membership. Here is a chance to make a difference. Whether you are currently an instructor or just want to become more active with the CMC, you will feel great knowing that you are helping our hikers be safe and skilled on the trails.

You should have the flexibility to accommodate all paces and skill levels from beginner to advanced hiker, love the mountains, and be eager and able to teach people the skills necessary for safe backcountry travel.  WTS gives preference to those instructors who can participate during the entire group meeting on all lecture nights and attend all field days. 

Instructor teams are generally made up of a senior instructor, one returning assistant, and one new assistant. Candidates who are not initially assigned to an instructor team will be placed on a waitlist. As the instructor teams are configured, the waitlist will be used to fill vacancies, to assign instructors as substitutes, or to identify instructors to facilitate make-up field days. (Due to enrollment limits, not all instructors who apply may be selected.)  Assignments will be based on the information that you provide in the WTS Instructor Application).  Click here to download a copy, enter your info, save with your name in the file name (e.g. “IA_lastname_firstname_F21.doc”), and attach to an email as provided below.  Instructors who are selected will be notified by two weeks before the start of the class.

Don’t have all the evenings and field days available to teach? This may be OK, since we frequently need instructors for make-up days and as substitutes. Just indicate the days that you will be available on the Application.

Senior Instructors must:

–  Be an Active CMC leader

–  Have at least a B hiking classification

–  Have current certification in CPR and WFA (within last two years).

–  Successfully complete an Avalanche Awareness class within the last five years.

–  Have been an instructor for at least two recent WTS sessions

–  Be able to attend all field days

Assistant Instructors must:

– Be a recent graduate of WTS

– Be recommended by their senior instructor

For more information about the WTS, please refer to the other pages on this website: WTS Main Page.

Additional Events (Instructor Schedule)

Instructor Orientation Night: All selected instructors are strongly encouraged to participate in this opportunity to meet other instructors, share ideas and best practices, learn tricks of the trade, receive training on team dynamics, review the materials to be taught during the field sessions, and get answers to any questions. Tuesday, Aug 31,
6:00 pm at CMC, Dinner provided
Instructor Map & Compass Field Day: refresher training and point marking Saturday, Sept 4
Instructor Snow Day: refresher training Saturday, Nov 6
Instructor Appreciation Night: review and celebration of session highlights Tuesday, Nov 2,        6:00 pm at CMC, Dinner provided

If you are interested in volunteering as a WTS instructor, please e-mail the Instructor Application to the appropriate WTS committee member below by Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 for Seniors and by August 3rd, 2021 for others.

Senior Instructors (new and experienced), Dave Callais 303-237-3726 or [email protected]

Experienced Returning Associate Instructors and new First Time Assistant Instructors, Ken Gurvin 720-542-6720 or [email protected]

Plan ahead.  Schedule your wedding or world cruise around WTS.  next session schedule for the schedule for the NEXT session after this one.

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