Bobcats Section

The Bobcats’ mission is to ensure a variety of challenging CMC trips, mostly on weekdays, all year long, for our mostly age 50+ constituents.

We don’t have dues or elections and we invite ALL CMC members to sign up for any Bobcats trip.

You can search the CMC Calendar for Bobcats trips by selecting “Bobcats Section” in the CMC Trip Calendar “Section” pull-down menu.

We send out a monthly email to our members with all the coming month’s trips,  just after those trips are activated.

To join our free mailing list and become a Bobcats member, select the “Bobcats Section” in your Member Profile (Log-in>Members>My Membership>Member Profile).

Archive of the Monthly Bobcats Section Newsletters

Bobcats Governing Documents

Bobcats Section Committee Minutes

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