Backpacking Section (BPX)


(Updated 07-06-2022)

BPX Statement of Purpose

The purpose of BPX is to promote backpacking as a core CMC activity, organize and coordinate backpacking trips, create and support a community of backpackers, and provide early notice of BPX events to members.

The annual dues of $20 provide members with benefits including first-in-line signup for the season’s trips, educational programming, and special events. More importantly, they support the mission of the CMC Backpacking Section – to build and sustain a program that provides life changing backpacking adventures to you, the BPX member.

NEW in 2022 are Car Camping Trips in a variety of Colorado’s beautiful outdoor wilderness and park areas!

Major 2022 BPX Activities

  • Feb 3 – “Stake Your Claim” where 90+ pre-planned backpacking trips will be rolled out to BPX Trip Leaders
  • March 1 – Enrollment begins for Denver Backpacking School
  • March 15 – BPX members-only In-Person and Zoom 2022 BPX Trip Rollout Event
  • April 1 – BPX members-first begin registering for 2022 BPX Trips
  • May 1 to Oct 30 – Main BPX Backpacking Season, with 50 Backpacking and 7 Car Camping trips scheduled as of 4/1, and more added as the season progresses
  • April 28 – Gear Shakedown, Pike National Forest cmclink
  • May 14 – Gear Shakedown, Segment 3 of Colorado Trail cmclink
  • May 27 – Gear Shakedown, Outside Nederland cmclink
  • June 17 – Gear Shakedown, Mayflower and Mohawk Lakes cmclink
  • Oct 1 – Annual BPX Bash; Clement Park in Littleton, 10am – 1pm

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  • Backpacking Trip Classification is assigned for the entire trip based on the most difficult day of the trip:
    • Easy Backpack: <5 miles/1000′ (Easy Hike is <8 miles/1200′)
    • Mod Backpack: 5-10 miles/1000′-2000′ (Mod Hike is 8-12 miles/1200′-2500′)
    • Diff Backpack: > 10 miles/2000′ (Diff Hike is >12 miles/2500’+)
  • BPX Policies and Procedures (P&P) e-Manual
    • BPX explains nearly every operating practice here. Scroll down the P&P Table of Contents to a topic, click on the topic, and a paper opens to give the rationale behind the practice
  • BPX Newsletter
    • Backcountry Cache, distributed electronically monthly. Here
  • CMC Backpacking School (BKPS)
    • BPX supports BKPS, which teaches the skills needed to safely and comfortably backpack in the Colorado Mountains. Here

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