Denver Backpacking Section (BPX)



(updated 2-13-20)

Statement of Purpose:

Promote backpacking as a core CMC activity, organize and coordinate backpacking trips, and give early notice to BPX members of BPX events.

The BPX Committee developed 35 pre-planned trips for the 2020 backpacking season.  These trips were rolled out to the BPX trip leaders on January 21st .. BPX trip leaders now have until February 18th to add additional trips and add dates to those pre-planned trips they claimed.

The full list of trips will be rolled out to BPX members on March 18th   at the BPX Season KickOff, after which members may register for any of these trips. The first trips will be scheduled for May. Registration for BPX Season KickOff is now open at:

Section members are updated through monthly newsletters and notice of slots available on trips once trips are activated after March 18th; click here to see our current and past newsletters “Backcountry Cache.”

Benefits of BPX membership and benefits of being a BPX Trip Leader are posted in the RESOURCES section of this web page. 

We recommend you go to your MY MEMBERSHIP on and check the “backpacking” special interest of your personal profile page to be certain you will receive future updates.

Recruiting BPX Leaders:  We are currently seeking backpacking trip leaders to lead BPX trips. If you may be interested in leading backpacking trips or helping with committee work, please contact the Trip Leader Coordinator at [email protected]

BPX Operations Committee:

BPX’s founding committee includes Jennie Popovich, director of Denver Backpacking School (who completed a thru-hike of the CT in September,) Linda Lawson (long-term leader, volunteer and AIARE School Director) and John Walters (over 10 years as a high-volume trip leader and former DS&L Chair) as committee chair.




Operations Committee

Click here for current and archives of the BPX newsletter, Backcountry Cache”

The current edition of the BPX newsletter, Backcountry Cache, is also available in the left column of this page under the “Newsletters” heading.  The inaugural newsletter is available by clicking here.

Click here for the Backpacking Section Committee Bios and Committee Minutes

These photos are some of the scenery of the 35 pre-planned backpacking trips for which BPX members may register on March 18th. Register here: