Denver Group Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee Mission – The Denver Conservation Committee works in conjunction with the CMC Conservation Department. We are volunteers from the Denver Group who work on projects and address issues to preserve public lands and the responsible enjoyment of those lands.

Primary conservation committee activities involve three National Forests and various other important areas. These three forests are where most Denver Group activities occur. They include the Pike – San Isabel National Forest, the Arapahoe National Forest, and the White River National Forest. The forests are under considerable threat from over-recreation, motorized use, adjacent private development, and habitat loss, amongst many other concerns.

Denver Conservation meets periodically to exchange information, plan and discuss actions we can take through our volunteers to let our voice be heard. We also would like to expand projects related to stewardship, monitoring of threats to the lands, advocating for land protection and education on land public lands issues.

Volunteer Information:

With the recent elections, there is great concern about much of the  proposed legislation from Washington and the detrimental effects this could have on our public lands. We would like to increase our volunteer base to help work on these issues.

For members interested in being involved please contact Claude Neumann  720 – 524-1645 – E-mail – [email protected]