Denver Member Initiatives Committee (DMIC)

Mission: To solicit, encourage, recruit, facilitate, and support Denver Group members’ engagement with CMC, and to be a clearinghouse for ideas or initiatives members may seek to develop for the benefit of the Club and/or its members.

In other words, our projects are initiated by members, other Denver Group Committees, Denver Group Council, and CMC staff.  Sometimes the idea is a way to improve an already existing project. Other times it is to start-up and establish a new program and then hand it off to a permanent administrator.

Past projects include developing Quick Start Seminars (now transferred to Denver Schools Committee), with three others noted below (Specialty Hikes, CMC Track Manager, and CMC Acronyms), ongoing and waiting for integration into the new CMC website.

How We Work:  DMIC membership is made up of small teams who work together on seasonally current projects. Although each of our projects has a lead, we all work to support each other as needed.  We administer a larger group of trip leaders and experienced helpers who assist with New Member Trips, Ascending Hikes and/or Beginner Snowshoe.  Other Denver Group members assist on a single project. We do our work online and rarely meet in person.

If you have an idea for DMIC development or if you are interested in serving on DMIC, even for introducing or helping on just one particular project, or in being part of our trip leader group, write us at [email protected] Trip Leader or School Instructor experience is desirable but not a must. 

2021 DMIC initiatives include:

Initiative Status Contact
 New Member Trips     
 •  An introductory hike for new and prospective members about how the trip sign-up, carpool, and TH process works. Learn about hiker classifications and CMC schools, meet other new members, and ask questions.
About three trips offered per month, year-round on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Michael McMahon
Robbie Monsma                    

[email protected]

Ascending Hikes        
 •  Program geared towards members seeking to increase their fitness and hiking difficulty with the goal of reaching the summit of a Colorado 14er by season-end.
The 2020 Ascending Hikes series was cancelled due to Covid-19.  2021 will post in the Spring.  Watch Mile High Mountaineer. Robbie Monsma
Kirk Dielman        
[email protected]
Beginner Snowshoes Clinics       
 •  Designed to teach members how to snowshoe: equipment, preparation, and techniques. No classroom time. Takes place on an actual snowshoe practice trip.
•  Afterwards, member should be comfortable signing up for any easy to moderate snowshoe trip on the calendar.
2021 Snowshoes Clinics will occur only if the Covid Pandemic allows.  Three weekends a month, January through March. Michael McMahon
Robbie Monsma      
[email protected]
Specialty Hikes        
 •  Specialty hikes explore one or more aspects of Colorado’s rich human and natural history as well as offer opportunities to learn and practice hiking skills in a non-classroom setting. You don’t have to be an expert on the subject or coordinate with DMIC.
•  The hikes are offered by CMC trip leaders on a somewhat regular basis, based upon their own personal interests. Members should search the calendar frequently for the specific topic word.
Trip Leaders: Birding, Wildflowers, History, Geology, Natural History, Archeology, Map and Compass Practice, GPS Practice and more have been offered with success.   Activate the trip, put your ‘theme’ in the first line of the trip title, and ask fellow members to bring their equipment or guides. That way you can attract members who will enjoy the special subject with you! For ideas and feedback,
contact Mike Tischer:
[email protected]
The plan is to integrate this project into the new CMC website, planned for late 2021, early 2022.
Track File Manager        
 •  This volunteer service stores member-donated GPS track files for use by Club leaders and members. Members are encouraged to donate their tracks and to download tracks for their personal and Club use.
This project collects GPS track files year-round, from all area groups all over Colorado and beyond, especially Utah. To gain access, write to:
[email protected]
Jeff Stevens      
[email protected]  
The plan is to integrate this project into the new CMC website, planned for late 2021, early 2022.
CMC Acronyms       
 •  A long, linked list of all the various acronyms Club veterans use: WTS, WFA, ACS, etc.  To some members, especially new ones, these tend to be bewildering and even off-putting. 
We update this from time-to-time to keep up with State and Denver Group changes. Click here to view on-line. Kirk Dielman
Jeff Stevens                      

Contact: [email protected]

The Plan is to make this this page reflect all Groups Statewide, and to integrate it into the new CMC website, planned for late 2021, early 2022.


Current DMIC Members: 

Michael McMahon: A retired pharmacist, Michael has been a CMC member since 2017 and is a Trip Leader.  He has been a Wilderness Trekking School associate instructor since 2019 .  Michael has enjoyed hiking and snowshoeing frequently since joining CMC.  Michael’s DMIC initiatives include New Member Hikes and Beginner Snowshoe.

Robbie Monsma: A retired attorney-mediator, Robbie was Co-Chair of the CMC Denver Group Council for 2018-2020.  A BMS grad, she is a D trip leader and was a founding director of the Bobcats Section, 2015-2020.  Robbie has worked on new member issues for many years as part of her Council work. 

Kirk Dielman:  A retired lawyer, Kirk has been a CMC member since 2012 and has thoroughly enjoyed hiking with the club.  He is completing the requirements to become a trip leader and has worked with DMIC on administering Ascending Hikes and updating the Acronym List.


Michael Tischer: (Mike is no longer active in DMIC but remains a trip leader resource for Themed Hikes.)  Mike is a geologist who has been a member of the club since 2012. He is a senior instructor for the Wilderness Trekking School and a Trip Leader.  Mike’s DMIC Initiatives include originating the Themed Hike Series and Quick Start Seminars, Navigation Series.  Mike coordinated and led fifteen webinars on navigation and trip planning during the pandemic.  Many of the webinars are posted at CMC’s YouTube Channel

Jeffrey Stevens:  (Jeff is no longer active in DMIC but remains a trip leader resource with the Track Manager Project.) Jeff is a retired database administrator who has been a member of the club since 2012.  He leads hikes for Bobcats and Ascending Hikes.  Jeff’s DMIC Initiatives include originating the Ascending Hike Series and establishing the Track Manager Project.  Jeff also served as Trip Leader School Director and originated TLS’s online classroom project. 

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