Over the Hill Gang

Rocky Mountain Over the Hill Gang is a group of hikers/bikers/skiers and, most importantly, friends over 50. In other words, a bunch of folks “of a certain age” (definitely NOT old) who love to get out and do and prove we don’t have any feet in the grave yet! In addition, food ranks high on our priority list so most activities include eating one way or another. In the past we have sponsored everything from ethnic dinners to raft trips, to castle visits, as well as our outdoor activities.

Over the Hill Gang, International disbanded all its chapters in the Fall of 2005. We, as the Rocky Mountain (Front Range area) Chapter, feel very lucky to have found the CMC and a real opportunity to not only survive, but thrive as we continue with the CMC. My favorite description is that this is a marriage made in Colorado, which, we all know is almost heaven! Be advised that since most of us are retired, a majority of our activities are during the week in an attempt to avoid crowds.

We look forward to meeting you and welcome those over 50 who would like to join us in our quest for outdoor fun and the elusive fountain of youth. We think we may have spotted it on any number of ski, bike and hiking trails in and around nearby mountains. Ergo, it is our mission to get out there and capture the moment, if not the fountain itself! Come join us!

From May through September interested members usually hike on Wednesdays and bike on Fridays.  Where each week‚ events will be going is published in our newsletter each month and updated via e-mail.
The electronic newsletter detailing our activities and any words of wisdom needing dissemination is published monthly View the Over the Hill Gang Newsletters.  If you don‚Äôt have electronic access, you can pay an additional $10 annually for snail mail delivery of the newsletter.  Contact Wayne Tomasello, editor, for the details (720) 344-8932.  Also in the newsletters are contacts for various activities to get more info.

If you are a member of the CMC 50 years of age or older, we would love to have you join us.  The cost for an individual member to join the Rocky Mountain Over the Hill Gang Section of the Denver Group is $15. To sign up, contact member services at (303) 279-3080. Outside the Denver metro area, call toll free (800) 633-4417, ext 2. They can process your credit card order over the phone. You can also send a check for $15 to the Colorado Mountain Club, 710 10th St., Suite 200, Golden, CO 80401. State that you are joining the RMOTHG section. Besides your name, include your address, telephone number, an e-mail address, and your CMC number if you have access to it (in addition to being on your membership card, you can find it at the top of your Trail & Timberline mailing label). Please note that the office can’t prorate your RMOTHG membership; you will have to pay an additional $15 to continue your RMOTHG membership at the time your general CMC membership comes up for renewal.

If you have questions about us, or just want to say Hi, please call the office at 303-279-3080 to get a listing of our Section officers‚ names and contact information.