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The CMC Photo Section is committed to helping people improve their outdoor photography skills and provide photographic opportunities through meetings, classes, social events, and photo hikes and events.  The section’s instruction focuses primarily on how to capture better nature photographs.  This is not to say that gear and software instruction is not provided, but that we are focused on how to achieve photographic results.  The section includes individuals of all skill levels from beginners to professionals.

The CMC photography section is again presenting a creative photo organization, editing, and sharing class. The course will focus on getting your images from your camera on your computer, how to find the best images and how to make these images shine by editing digitally.

We will also show you how to share these images with friends and family through social media, websites, email, TV, and even old-fashioned physical prints. It is amazing how much you can improve your images by a few simple edits and by being selective in what you show.

The course is given in three evening sessions and includes lots of hands-on instruction and ample opportunity to try the concepts taught in the class with your own images. The software packages we will use to demonstrate these concepts are Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop and the class can be seen as an introduction to Lightroom with some more advanced features on editing images.

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The monthly meetings typically consist of three portions.  The first segment is provide presentations by both amateur and pro photographers about a wide variety of photographic subjects.  Discussion and questions are encouraged to facilitate the exchange of ideas.  This is followed by a the display and discussion of assigned and independent images from the section membership.  Most months a theme for the images is assigned for displayed images; frequently the theme relates to a recent presentation or hike.  The third portion is social interaction to ask questions, catch up with friends, and potentially coordinate activities with other members. Last year’s presentation topics included working in a high dynamic range, independently extending your photographic skills, composition, unlocking your photographic potential, wildlife photography, wildflower photography, finding the light, capturing unique and creative images, beginning to learn photography, and landscape photography.  Five of these presentations were provided by professional photographers.

Hikes and events are scheduled year round and are conducted at a casual pace to include planned and unplanned stops to spend time taking photographs.  These outings are listed in the CMC calendar along with Photo Section weekend classes.  Last year we had many day hikes and multi-day trips to Canyonlands and Crested Butte.  Weekend classes included a professional photographer demonstrating how to refine your images to meet your goals using post-processing, a LightRoom class, and two outdoor photography classes.

Section dues are $20 / year in addition to CMC membership. You will receive a monthly newsletter listing our many activities.

Come and meet us at 7:00 p.m. the second Wednesday of each month at the American Mountaineering Center (710 10th St, Golden) and bring your experience and ideas to the mix.