Rocky Mountain Over the Hill Gang (RMOTHG)

The Rocky Mountain Over the Hill Gang (RMOTHG), a section of the Denver Group of the Colorado Mountain Club (CMC), is a group of approximately 900 active people over 50 years of age who regularly pursue their love of the outdoors in what is the glory of the Colorado landscape. There are regular biking, cross-country skiing, hiking and snowshoe excursions, which take place principally on weekdays. The activity level of these trips go from the relatively easy to the quite challenging and take place from Denver, the foothills to the high country depending on the time of year and snow levels. Our qualified Trip Leaders are well versed in the trails and conditions where our trips take place, with safety in mind the routes emphasize the remarkable Colorado scenery while we enjoy each other’s company. Of course, almost all trips are followed by a stop to enjoy refreshments and continue the camaraderie started on the trail.

In addition to outdoor adventures, there are monthly cultural and social events offered in locations throughout the Denver Metro area. There is also a summer picnic, a summer camping trip, a holiday party and the Section’s annual meeting. Any of these events do not require participation in outdoor trips to attend them. Further, as our Trip Leaders are very enthusiastic there may be special trips scheduled periodically during the year such as hut trips or out-of-town biking trips. We have a monthly newsletter emailed to each member of our Section that is the key to learning about all upcoming RMOTHG activities.

Members pay yearly CMC and RMOTHG dues. Once a RMOTHG member, one can register to be added to any or all of the hiking, biking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing trip announcement email lists (as provided below) in order to receive direct announcements of the trips offered each week. The RMOTHG member would then officially sign-up through the CMC website for the specific trip they want to attend. The official sign-up process for all social activities, annual events and special trips are also done through the CMC website.

Types of RMOTHG Trips:

Hiking trips are typically scheduled weekly from May to October, often with two, three, or four of varying length hikes available each week. To get on the list of announcements, members sign up at [email protected]. The weather dictates whether hiking or snowshoeing trips may also be offered in April and October.

Biking trips are held each week typically on Fridays May through September, with spontaneous rides during March, April, October, and November as weather permits. We offer bike rides at a couple of different levels depending on the availability of Trip Leaders. Members sign up to receive email notices at [email protected].

Snowshoeing outings run from December to March, snowfall permitting. Those interested sign up to receive email announcements at [email protected].

Cross-country skiing trips run through the winter, snowfall and leader availability permitting. Trips are announced in the newsletter.

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