Denver Leadership Committee


The Committee is chartered by the CMC Denver Group Council, as authorized in the Bylaws of the CMC Denver Group, and operates under the CMC State Board Manual, Constitution and Operating Policies.

Charter for Safety and Leadership


The Denver Safety & Leadership Committee (also known as DS&L) carries out Denver Group responsibilities as delegated by the Denver Council. DS&L is responsible for managing Denver trip leaders with safety for all Denver Members.

DS&L meets every third Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the AMC. All Denver club members are welcome to attend and observe. Visitors who wish to address the committee are requested to register before the meeting begins, providing the chair with visitor’s written name, member #, contact info and topic. Time permitting, unscheduled speakers will normally be given three minutes to address the committee.

Denver Safety and Leadership Committee Polices and Procedure Manual – Rev Aug 2021

Denver Safety and Leadership Committee Policies and Procedure Manual – Rev March 2019

Archived Minutes of Monthly Meetings

Winter Trip Leader Rules – Rev Dec 2020

Safety and Leadership Accomplishments 2019-2020

Classification Changes Annual Report 2020

Safety and Leadership Accomplishments 2018-2019

Safety and Leadership Accomplishments 2017-2018

Safety and Leadership Accomplishments 2016-2017


The Committee chair is appointed by the Denver Council chair, and Committee members are appointed by the Committee chair. All Committee appointments are confirmed by the Denver Group Council. Committee members are among Denver Group’s most highly trained and experienced trip leaders and safety professionals.

Subcommittees are appointed by the committee chair, without confirmation of the Council. Subcommittees may be standing committees, advisory committees, or temporary task forces with a one-time project. 

Committee Chair:  Position Vacant

Secretary:  Position Vacant

Incident Investigator: Position Vacant

Newsletter Editor:  Position Vacant

Trip Leader Approval Coordinator:  Position Vacant

Kevin Galliers

Kevin grew up in St. Louis and moved to Colorado in 2015 after working in Washington D.C. as an Industrial/Organizational psychologist for several years.  Following a few years of day hiking and car camping he joined the CMC in 2017. In that time he has taken Wilderness Trekking school, Backcountry Ski school, Wilderness First Aid, Backpacking, Alpine Climbing School, and Wilderness Survival.  Kevin likes to do challenging day hikes and backpacking in the summer and backcountry skiing in the winter.  In addition, Kevin has been a trip leader since 2018 and leads all types of non-technical trips for those CMC members who can put up with his dry jokes. When he is not doing outdoor recreational activities, Kevin enjoys ultimate frisbee, mountain sport strength and conditioning, stand-up comedy shows, and trying to wear out his Chinook sled dog.

Jim Guerra: No Bio Available

Julie Luce: Director of Trip Leader School